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University of Toronto St. George
Hywel Morgan

Conduct Disorder: Lecture 8 FIRST CLIP:  CBS – “48 Hours” – examine to see immediate reaction to the Columbine shootings.  Looked into other people assisting them; looked at heavy preparation in advance. Some students who knew the accused were people of interest. The note: the writings ...struck by the deep seeded feelings of unhappiness or desire for revenge, hatred. Examined other shooting rampages before it, very alike. White shooters male, suburbs. Why? Perhaps new pressure on suburban families to keep up may lead to poor family life.  None participated in school sports, many are good with computers, violent games, many mesmerized with school massacre in movie. Picked on, fascinated by guns, violence, weapon magazines.  Guns acquired from parents or neighbors. Parents and kids talking openly about emotions happen in the victim’s families for healing, there is some survivor’s guilt. “Angry young men” teased, tormented. Can’t treat every child as a potential killer.  Cruelty to animals linked with other criminal behaviour. Mississippi case, he killed his own mother before other students. Victims are generally described as very competent and had a “passion for life” in the tv show. ND 2 CLIP: Who develops CD and why?  Antisocial behaviour may be caused by ASOCIAL behaviour, a lack of socialization.  Bad parenting, isolation.  Argument that children are raised by media, where are the parents  We live in a put-down society, how to make negative comments about others, more gratifying to do so.  Artificial distinctions between two people allow them to take actions on those artificial distinctions.  Need to support those who are troubled, help them before they are troublesome.  Feel rejected, immersed in violent imagery, cannot blame the existence of guns. Require a moral standard to educate people.  “Spiritual emptiness” is in these perpetrators. Loving buffers them from doing bad things. The perps seem to have a justification for their violence, revenge,
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