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Lecture 6

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Hywel Morgan

Lecture 6: ADD/ADHD & MENTAL RETARDATION VIDEO: HELP THIS KID IS DRIVING ME CRAZY - a young child with ADD - group of behaviours that make life difficult for a child and those around him - all kid shave difficult behaviours - a child with ADD happen more intensely and more often - inability to sort out organize and concentrate – behaving difficultly and inappropriately - behaviour makes sense to child - lack of language development and inappropriate behaviour is teacher/parents biggest concern Part 1: characteristics with ADD: o very excited by new experiences o reaction is to race around, shout, throw things, hide, cry or laugh inappropriately play behaviour – impulsive, urgent need to touch, grab or move objects around – gets out all toys and may not play with them – doesn’t know how to play appropriately with tows o occupied with toys and lose interest after novelty wears off o repeat same activity over and over o always seems to be moving o active play movements are awkward o climbs without fear interpersonal behaviour: antisocial o initiates social interactions by hitting/shoving o uncomfortable around children of same age o unusually demanding of parents attention o strong need to control many situations to determine when eat, go to bed and so on o strong need for consistent routines even though may resist them o does not adapt easily to changes o temper tantrums when change/limits o goes back to prohibited activities regardless of scolding o doesn’t pay attention to limits o may be very sensitive, cry easily and need attention understanding of language: environment sounds catch attention more than language o interest may be distracted by distant sounds o in an activity, does not appear to hear others o tunes out people o doesn’t pay attention to NO expressive language: delayed and immature for age o when developed, uses it to demand or control others rather than the initiate interaction o conclusion o add often has behaviour problems that all kids show they are
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