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LEC1- Theories of Thinking Sept 10 2009

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John Vervaeke

PSY370: Thinking and Reasoning LEC1: Theories of Thinking Sept, 10th, 2009 thinking is treated as an action and is not like perception perception is something that happens to us there is no goal in perception, and there is no conscious control over our perceptual processes we cannot correct our perception as opposed to our action thinking also has a lot of properties in common with perception a lot of thinking happen unconsciously and automatically ie. problem solving, inference making these automatic processes follow predictive patterns psychotechnology cultural tool standardized culturally transmitting tool used for transmitting information ie. literacy, numeracy Different Types of Theories about Thinking Baron, 1994: 3 kinds of theories Descriptive explanatory theory describe how people normally think come up with causally based explanations of the phenomenon 1 stage: attempt to determine the phenomenon to be explained ie. will power some people think does not exist and is not a actual phenomenon nd 2 stage: determine if it can be studied scientifically 3 stage: whats the appropriate framework for studying the phenomenon what type of analysis to use thie.
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