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Lecture 8

LEC8 – Theories of Deduction and Conditional Reasoning Oct 29 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
John Vervaeke

PSY370 Thinking & Reasoning LEC7 Theories of Deduction and Conditional Reasoning Oct, 29th, 2009 Weisberg: Homogenous class for Insight Problems Gilhooly & Moody (2005) Determine whether or not restructuring is necessary for solving the problem if it was necessary then it was pure insight problem if it was not necessary then it was pure non-insight problem if it was helpful but necessary then it was a hybrid problem G&M varied number of insight problems subjects were tested on all insight and non-insight problems did positive manifold: how performance on one test correlates to another if how I am doing on one problem is predictive of how I am doing on another problem, then the problems share something similar see if there is a positive manifold between insight problems if there was none, then this will be strong evidence against the insight problems as a class if there is, then there is evidence for insight problems as a class researchers also measured ppls abilities and see which one is predictive of success on insight problems RESULT: strong positive manifold bw insight problems, non-insight tasks cluster mainly with non-insight tasks (not strong positive manifold, but moderate) this supports the notion that there are clear underlying processes for insight tasks that are not shared with non-insight problems RESULT: measures of cognitive flexibility are particularly important for insight problem
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