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Lecture 12

LEC12 – Drawing it all Together Dec 3 09

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John Vervaeke

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PSY370: Thinking and Reasoning LEC12 Drawing it all Together Dec, 3rd, 09 Exam cumulative, emphasis on second term Social Contract Theory Model Gigerenzir and Hug 1992 originally formulated by Cosmides context independent formal system rationality is only truth preservation it is implausible for evolution to design such a machine what do we mean by rationality? human reasoning is for problem solving and not just for truth preservation and generation reasoning processes are properly designed to solve these problems are in effect rationality reasoning is content based and that content is specific content specific to adaptive problems thesis of the mechanism THESIS: Modular mechanism that is dedicated to go from specific content to specific results Fodar 1983 modulated = a system that is restricted in terms of what can go in and what can go out (domain specific), knowledge is encapsulated ie. eyes, can only see in terms of natural colour spectrum we will create modules to solve problems, within the encapsulated space we can run algorithms, this avoids combinatorial explosion but provides us with a very reliable machine Cheating Detection Module Theory we are hunter gathers during the time period in which evolution can
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