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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
E.De Rosa

lecture 9: psy396 June 12,2012 -not responsible for: - amygdala and fear condtioning - hypothalamic HPA Axis -GABA -Anti convulsants Anxiety disorders - anxiety is suppose to be acute episodes but not chronic - interfering with your normal functioning - people who are diagnosed have this interfering Definitions: fear: is a natural response to a threat phobias: are an unrealistic response to something that is non threatening panic attacks: extremely intense and unpredictable - comes with behavioral and cognitive symptoms anxiety: a generalized feeling of fear - future oriented Generalized Anxiety Disorder: - long level anxiety and worrying - chronic - anticipating something Stress related anxiety: - functions well - emerges in face of events Panic Disorder: - increase surge of activity - start to feel anxiety because they don't know when the next one will come Social phobias: - experienced only when person in social and interpersonal settings Generalized Anxiety Disorder: -cormorbiity with depression so have CBT - anxiety people seems fine outside, inside you feel differently -ardernergic system is stimulated - those with social phobias respond to SSRI really well Drug treatment for anxiety BNZD: less addictive but suseptible for breathing problems Serotonergic Anxiolytics: - if someone is taking BNZD and drinking= dangerous - BNZD are used for alcholics to get off drinking - delay of onset: takes a long time - the BNZD dissolve in mouth and fast onset - combine both drugs - a lot of doctors might give beta blockers while in
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