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– The more commited you are, the more likely you will speak about yourself and your partner as a unit, instead of as individuals – motivated reasoning – turning faults into virtues --- the more committed people are, the more likely that they will turn faults into virtues --- people who are more committed are more likely to spin their relationship as being a better relationship --- people who are more committed have a higher level of optimism about their relationship --- the more people have unrealitic optimism, the more likely the your relationship will last longer, be better – people who were more committed, the more they looked at transgressions in a more benign less awful way – if the serveriy of the transgression is serious enough to jeopridize the relationship then they weren't willing ot overlook the transgression and dismiss it – process of accommodation – willing to accommodate some of your parnters transgressions, --- this takes cognitive effort --- improtant to have more cognitive resourses for relationship to function best --- the more you see your partner as being committed to your relationship the longer your relationship will likely to last – if you see your partners behaviour as fluctuating, rather than a stable growth, this is likely to jeapordize the relationship --- this also leads to uncertainity b/c partners beh is unpredictable Investment model – factors that promote commitment in relationship 1. satisfaction – this is all subjective (differs from person to person) - think about rewards first (minus) costs - comparison level – what do you expect out of the relationship --- this can come from different sources - positive predictor of commitment 2. quality of alternatives – how attractive are alternative relationships, i.e if you broke up w/ you partner, how good or happy would you be - the more that you think you have better alternatives, the less committed you would be, - this is independent of satisfaction
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