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Lecture 2

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Geoffrey Mac Donald

Lecture 2: Passion and Attraction Passion Increased energy and focused attention on a preferred mating partner; feelings of exhilaration, intrusive thought about the love object, and a craving for emotional union with this partner High levels of arousal, a physical and sexual rush, idealization of the partner o In early stage of love, people could still list negative traits of their partners, but they just uncorrelated with information processing Cultural meanings of passion o North America: highly positive o Asia: ambivalent (family influences over marriage could be sad as well if the family is against love) o Ancient Greece: madness Chemistry Positive assessment of the physical relationship Interpersonal process: unique dynamics emerge from the combination of two personalities (NOT 1+1=2!!) Feeling out of control: very unpredictable; hard to control falling in love, but could control falling OUT of love Subjective What leads to attraction? Situational factors: STRONGEST PREDICTOR of who falls in love with whom! A) Proximity B) Familiarity: even just a mere exposure works! Interpersonal factors A) Similarity: SES, religion etc. o Objective vs. subjective similarities: perceived similarity more important than actual similarity for long-term relationships B) Humor and complimentarity o No gender difference in value placed on sense of humor, but what it means to be humorous is different o Good sense of humor Men: producing jokes (only men were rated more attractive when using humor in self-description) Women: appreciating jokes (degree of womens laughter predicts interest in dating) C) Universal personality features o Kind, understanding, intelligent, dependable, emotionally stable, mutual attraction D) Universal facial features o Symmetry (evolutionary perspective), averageness (more representative of broader population)
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