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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Geoffrey Mac Donald

Lecture 3: The Self The social self The self is constructed FROM YOUR RELATION WITH OTHERS Western culture sees you as an independent SELF Symbolic interactionism o Seeing yourself through others eyes(Cooley): what you would look like to them o Understanding self through interactions with others (Mead) Chosen beliefs facilitate acceptance: private values are shaped by people around us o Family primes influences erotica evaluations (less liked about the erotic passages) Self-esteem as gauge of acceptability: need to belong Self-expansion = overlap between you and your partner Growth through absorbing aspects of others Including the other in self = expanding yourself A) Identity: process partner as part of self B) Resources: access to knowledge of your partner, material (you boyfriends car), social assets C) Perspectives: seeing the world from new points of view AND their perspectives ABOUT YOU that youve never recognized before Unlike most contexts, people feel good after upward comparison with partners BECAUSE you think your partner is PART OF YOURSELF Confusing self and other Falling in love broadens description of the self-concept Cognitive confusion of self and partner o Slower RT for unshared traits (bc you assume that youre sharing traits) o Mistake self and partner in memory (difficult to distinguish whos got which traits) Cycle of self-expansion Rapid self-expansion in EARLY relationship stage fuels POSITIVE AFFECT Positive emotion openness and exploration increased cognitive flexibility and perspective taking more self-other overlap & complex understanding of others more facets for self-expansion positive affect Self-expansion and infidelity Situational forces fuelling expansion WEAKEN o Alternative relationships as a source of expansion 5 potentially unmet needs (intimacy, companionship, sex, security, emotional investment) o Attempt to cheat on partner is related to SECURITY Predicted susceptibility to infidelity o Controlling for the needs o Inclusion of other in self
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