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th Relationships psychology- Lecture 2, Jan 16 Passion – passion is a highly emotional charged state, very intentional engergized state – attribute that arousal to whom you are falling in love with – if interviewed after bridge – much more likely to call then if interviewed before getting off the bridge – passion has a drug addictive component, literal physical rush – early relationship stages, ppl idealize their partners – ppl in love were able to list faults – ppl don't factor faults when feelings of passion are involved – there is a reckoning made, faults dont blind individuals forever – far eastern culture, passionate love has a very ambiolent feel to it Chemistry – little research on chemistry in social psychology – very mysterious feel, inexplicable, natural – leblum and bresnyak, 2006 wrote a papaer on it – people feel a lack of control over the love process – suggesting that following out of love can be controlled but falling into love can not be controlled – subjective – unique set of characteristc for what is it that leads to the emergence of chemistry what leads to attraction – situational factors – --> geographic proximity, those who you see often – --> familiarity, research shows that the more exposure ppl had to women, the higher degree of attraction – attraction is much more likely when there is similarity – in the first stages of attraction, its more about objective similarity, later on in the realtionship it is more about perceived similarity humour and complimentarity – if women make self effacing jokes, are not r
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