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Jason Plaks

ClarifyingAchievement Goals and their impact performance goals – performance appraoch – performance avoidanc • three forms of performance goals ◦ goals linked to self enhancment, normative goals, goals linked to attaining something • learning goals – goal is the desrie to learn – attain knowledge ◦ those who engage in learning goals are found to be ▪ higher intrinsically motivation, engage in deeper, more self-regulated learning strategies, perform better in challenges/setbacks Study 4 • to gain a sense of the patterns associated w/ goal type • students were presented w/ with scenarios depicting improtant academic setbacks and examined how different goals predicted intrinsic motivation and coping • RESLUTS ◦ intrinsic motivation ▪ learning goals positively related to intrinsically motivation ▪ outcome and ability goals, positively related to intrinsic motivation ◦ behavioural copin\ ▪ outcome only goals related to help seeking ▪ learning goals predicted planning, negatively related to withdrawal of time and ennergy, ability goals positively predicting this ◦ attitudins ▪ learning goals predictive of effort based attributions, outcome and ablitiy goals were not ▪ learning goasl negatively related to negative ability based attributions ▪ normative goals not reliable for attributions ◦ loss of selfworth ▪ akin to negaitve ability attribution, related to ability goals and outcome goals ◦ rumination ▪ tendency to dwell on setbacks is related to helplessness – outcome and bility goals ◦ chronic coping style ▪ learning goals – active coping, positive reinterpreation of a setback , negatively related to disengagment ( beh. And mental), denials ▪ ability goals – predicting deinial, beh. Mental disengagemnt and neg related to c Grant and Dweck – part 2 Study 5 ➢ different from study four in many ways 1. the goal items were used to predict motivation and performance in 'real world' settings 2. level of sustained challenge 3. monitored students throughout semester - allowed experimenters to see goal effects as they played out over time- both facilitative effects and their determinantal effects ➢ survey tracked students intrinsic motivation and performance at several points and final grades were obtained at the end of the semester Procedure ➢ data collected on intrinic motivation and study goals around the period of tests ➢ hypotheses: learning goals would be positively correlated with intrinsic motivation and grades. --- ability goals were expected to be associated with lower performance after multiple setbacks but not necessarily with lower performance after multiple setbacks --- expected students who were doing well to experience a 'boost' from strong ability goals Results ➢ perceived ability - measured at the beginning of the course - related to overall course grade - related to intrinsic motivation at the beginng and end of the course - perceived ability in this course and goal type revealed that normative goals were significanlty positively related to perceived ability --- in other words, students with normative goals tended to believe that their ability was high relative to others (could help account for resilience or lack of negative consequence) associated with normative goals - outcome goals were also positively correlated with perceived ability - learning ability goals were unrelated to perceptions in ability in chemistry ➢ Intrinsic motivation - - learning goals predicted higher intrinsic motivation at the beginning and end of the course - no other significant predictors of this ➢ grades - gender predicted total grade – men tended to have higher goals than women - the interaction of each goal with performance on exam 1 was also included as a predictor ➢ total
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