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Dan Dolderman

Psy 435 Lec 2 Week 1 Week 2 • Finding solutions? Part 1: The Psychology of environmental behaviour change • 1) McKenzie-Mohr, D. M. (2000). Promoting sustainable behaviour: An introduction to • community-based social marketing. Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 56(3), 543-554. • 2) “Weathercocks & Signposts” report -- unewsid=2224 (Note: Please read pages 9-11, and 15-35.) – people are good at denying their own mortality – people are good at protecting themselves from negative information how do people respond to disaster/threat – theory of environmental turbulence – looking at how people respond to threatening events – learning about exposure – people have to give up their general working assumption that everything is fine and they have to adapt – people are more likely to change when they see the results, when change or enviro problems are not visible, they are less likely to change – shock – people are not very responsive, not sensible, and are reactionary instead of logical – 5)grassroots activism – response is throught neccessity, people generally do not choose activism but are pushed into it Living in contaminated community – most climate change info is macro scale – lifestyle disruption – how this interfers w/ a person's life – life-scape disruption – people have a general assumption of safety – when your frame of ref is shifted and think abut it relative to something greater, you begin to see things differently – ton of chemicals in an infants body after testing health of amblical cord – psychological barrier that prevents us from seeing that life can very dramatically and immediately change – the bigger the issue the harder it is going ot be to mobilize a response – when people hear about climate change info, they actively resist this infomation are global disasters on the horizon – your reality when growing up is where your focus is, ie when war is common, people worry about nuclear war – we are now – ****the millenium ecosystem assessment the irony of civilization – neolithic rev is wehn human civilization
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