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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Lecture 6CommunityYou Community You Your community is you first image nd You and your community are causally linked 2 image o Seems less vulnerable and preserves the independent identity you are separate from the community but connected to itYou have a small influence on your communityYour culture socializes you into who you are1 is social psych Environment o We are comfortable with it bc we think of ourselves as social beings Community This is environmental psychBut this is more complicated o Below community there are a ton of levels of socialization like friendships family etc You o Outside community there are larger categories like govt organizationsThis is your self concept and you can think about yourself at any of these levelsCulture of HonorLong standing puzzling pattern of results in historyIf you draw a somewhat diagonal line across US dividing the NE from SW you get 2 very diff cultures w California as an exception o SW more conservative southern hospitality politeness generosity people are territorial and ready to commit acts of violence with very little provocationo NE more liberalBacked up by historical evidence o Anecdotes the Wild West dont hear this about the Wild East o Diff forms of male recreation in NE they were inventing baseball at the same time SW was having shin kicking contestsdifference in civilityo Political evidence SW more right wing Republicansupporting diff policies like gun ownership stronger support for capital punishment more lenient sentences for crimes that have to do with murder or violence in retaliation for a perceived slightCorporations in SW are more likely to higher an ex con provided that the reason they went to jail was in retaliationo Retaliatory aggression is more common in SW than NE o More warlike voting records Generally speaking when you are well integrated in the community then this integration goes along with functional behaviourless destructive to self others etc
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