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Lecture 5

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Dan Dolderman

Lecture 5 The negative info is what provides urgency but its also what makes people feel hopeless There is a ton of conflicting info about climate changeo CO2 is a warming gaso Conversation goes to maybe this is an effect of climate change wrong measurementsWho do you decide to believe o Cant actually go through the immense amount of data and statisticswont understand most of it o Have to rely on authority figures to tell us what it means o Deniers are viewed as ideological by the climate change scientists these scientists are viewed as shady by deniersAll scientific organizations have consensus on basic science of climate change If you go back to the 1980s with the pro smoking movementhired people to cast doubt on the science that smoking is bad o 99 certain something is truethese people say oh theres 1 doubt so its not true o They funded their own thinktanks to do research o There are people who made their career doing this and later went to food and drug companies or climate change companieso Desmog blog traces all these people Book published to show all the errors in climate change researchafter a few months climate scientists went through this book and rebutted everything this book saido Wrote a book to refute the book o Very easy for people to say things about climateThere is zero ambivalence in the science world that climate change is happening o Has more evidence than any other scientific theory What do these people have to gain from refuting climate changeMONEYnon envt friendly companies pay people money to find evidence that they are not harming the envto Agriculture companies energy companies etc have a lot of funding from govt o Create teams to come up with data to say just about anythingo The global climate coalition 90s00s spent a decade giving careers to a bunch of denierso Public then sees the media and they dont actually get the science they get the spinCreates a perception of debate in the publics mindsThere is really no debate on the fact that climate change is happening the only debate is on the details about it ie how long how bad etcMedia presents the sides as 5050 but its actually like 9991BarriersMost people dont want to deal with the technical stuff so they dont try to understandMost of environmentalism has followed conservationismreducing consumption o Makes sense environmentally but its not sexy o People see it as self sacrifice Worldviews that people have adopted as humans as separate from natureo Nature has often been characterized as scarybeasts in the wilderness o Human civilization marching away from nature o And now we live lives that are completely separate from nature o People can spend a lot of time barely even seeing outside less time feeling it and even less time seeing that we depend on it
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