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Dan Dolderman

Lecture 1IntroPsychology comes in to the study of the envt when we are dealing with people o Eg need to make new technologies peoplefriendly so it is easy enough for us to useEnvtal psych ranges from the micro scale of small groups to macro scales of civilizations covers many diff layers of societyThis field is becoming an applied social psychologyBecause the envt breaks into so many diff issues theres so many different languages when it comes to the discussion of the environment o Eg one person may be invested in conservation biology and another may be invested in the quality of our foodboth topics are connected but these people may never discuss and connect their ideassolutionsThe psychological distance bt you and the problem geographically timewise is a huge barrier when it comes to finding solutions eg Ill be dead by the time this happensWhen we participate in the I am activity we come up with a lot of individualistic characteristics and our relations to other peoplesocietygroups rarely to we relate ourselves to the envt o We can include a lot of stuff into our self concept but what we dont include is our envt o We know we are dependent on the envt but we dont know that experientially on an ongoing basiso You know about yourself and you know about the envt but we dont know about the in between there is
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