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Lecture 2

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Dan Dolderman

Lecture 2 Marketing is behavioural redirectiondifferent from applied social psych Behaviour uptake is more challenging AttitudeBehaviour Interaction The hope for the env movement has been that if you can get people to start making some changes then this will feedback Attitudes and behaviours are bidirectionally linkedAttitudebehaviour do behaviour bc they have positive attitude about it o To change behaviour must change attitude o To change attitude must get info about it o Eg attitude about smoking is coolsmoke give info about cancerattitude to smoking changesstop smokingAttitudes can also come from behaviour attitudebehaviouro Make change in behaviour start to make it a part of your attitudeAttitudebehaviour attitude behaviour o Positive behaviour lead to positive attitude once you get the ball rolling it will snowball and get bigger footinthedoor effectIf you want someone to make huge behaviour change according to attitudebehaviour model need a massive amt of info to change attitude o Eg get people to put in compact light bulbsthis can influence attitude about light bulbsrelates to envt attitudeslead to bigger behaviour changeThe envt movement was about getting this ball rolling1980s was hugely into recycling behaviours slowly shifted society into envtal thinking o Society becomes a little more open and a little more greeno Problem this takes time And nature isnt waiting around for us to figure it out45 yrs ago the Suzuki m
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