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Lecture 7

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Dan Dolderman

Lecture 7 Systems TheoryVoluntary Simplicity Good idea bad nameAbout happiness being fulfilledYour Money or Your Life book o If youre walking down the street and mugger puts gun to head and says your money or your lifenot hard to decide to give the money o Your values are clear we choose life over moneyo The way we structure our lives how we spend our time is in the opposite direction We burn up tones of our time not just making money but also through attaching our happiness to status our looks product consumption and displayThis is choosing money over lifeo We need to make that money and this means spending our timeo We lock ourselves into this work cycle where we are constantly struggling to make more money so we can buy more things o We could gain our freedom if we simplify and downscale our perceived needs Eg Walden 2 people have to go to a city down the road o Have a conversation of how theyre going to get there one of them says theyre going to walk going to take 4 days and the other guy says hes going to take the train o The 3 hour train ride is in reality much more bc you have to work to make the money to buy the train ticket o Locked in framework where you have to spend so much timeo Walking for 4 days going to daydream and philosophize etc o Other guy will spend 4 days working to take the traino Efficiency isnt always efficient train is more efficient but not always when you broaden your perspective We generally want to be happyo We buy into this cultural framework that consumption has a lot to do with happiness bc it connects us to feeling good being sexy having status o The display of our consumption has a lot to do with increasing our egosMaybe this isnt the only or best pathVoluntary simplicity starts to sound less like being a monk and more about living in congruence with your valuesthis is what happens when someone sticks a gun to your head o What if we took a look at our lifestyles from the perspective what we truly valueo This is what I do and does it map on to what I truly value o What if you start with what you truly value and project that onto your lifestyleo Eg I value belonging and acceptanceWe chase after that by trying to fit into cultural framework trying to look a certain way trying to meet others expectationsIf you were super radicalI carry authenticity into the world and allow parts of the world to accept mewont sacrifice all your time trying to fit in with others o This is the clich of being true to yourself but radically soWe have a fairly small number of true values if we focus on these our life would be much simplero Would be more streamlined less things dragging on your system o Just glide through most of reality pouring your energy into a smaller number of things that you find valuable which can be very hard to doA lot of people live overcommitted lives its easy to say yes before you know it youre involved in all these things o As youre learning stuff its easy to get interested in things that are pretty interesting
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