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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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M.Lipinski- Harten

[email protected]Ŷ@Ŧ ţ nf9¾n – Jf,f¾9¾n–¾¾ Ŵ ¯°–½fn½f°¾°€½½¾½n¾ţ½ °¾ff Ŵ ¯°–½n°n¾¾f€½½fnn½ ¾¾ţ° ½¯° Ŵ ¯°– fnf¯n¾°nf¾ f¯f¾ ¾½¾°f°f ° ¾¾©n °½¾ °–fn¾f°–°–½¾°f°¾€½¾°fnf¯f Ŵ ¯°–°f° Ŵ ,f¾°–°¾ °–¾n°n½¾ţ¾½fff°–f– f ¾°¾f°Ŷf¾ ½¾n –¾¾ ff– ¾½f ff°–f– J9½f"¾@ Ŵ f°¯½f f¾¾¯ ½¾½n Ŵ f° ¾f¾½°¾f° ¯¾½°¾€n¯¯°– f¯¾f°–€¯f° Ŵ f°n f°–¯½¾¾–f° ¾½° Ŵ f°¾ ¾fnn°¾¾°f f°¾½°f°¾ Ŵ — ff€ Ñ°"%f€€°n¾ Ŵ @f Ŷ€€°n¾°°f¾f¾f!f"°#ţ½n ! fn¾€¯#f°nf°f¾½n€ff°¯f¾%ff¾ O D¾¾¯¾€¯f¾¯°¯f¾ ¾ţfnf½°– fŴ Ŵ $° ¾%¾&$€° ¯ @%)%¯¾ Ŵ €f ţf¯½f Ŵ $½½nf¾f°f°!½½ f ¾()¾° °– f¾ Ŷf°¯ff°n€f°€°¾ ½¾°f€°€ ¾€# O f°–° O O O Ŵ,°°¾¾f°¯°f Ŵ ¾f*¯¾Ŷf½¾n ½f n¾¾°f¾"¾¯ff° f¯¾Ŵ ¾ f½°¾¾ f ¾½½fn ¾f Ŵ |f¾°°–€ ¾½½fn°nf°f¾n¯½f°¯f½½ Ŵ *°–€nf°½€°€¯f°ţ½¾n –¾¾¯f€°nf°€€°n¾ f¯f°fnf f°€€°n¾!°°–f¾n¾f–f¾¾# Ŵ $f¾¯f¾€°–f€Ŵ¯°°f€nf° °–¾ţ€°" ¯f¾½f°¯f¾ °°"–° @¾°– Ŵ D¾€¾¾nnf Ŵ @¾¾f½½f°–nf¾ ½ f½½ff°n€©nf°¾n°€n½n¾¾ O ¯°¾n°¾ţn n€fŶ€¾ ¾n°€n¯ Ŵ $ţ¯f°¾¾–°°¾fn ¾"°°ţ€fnff° ¾ f f ¾n°€n–°°–° ¯¾¾ Ŵ $n°° n ¾¾$n°° n ¾¾¾ O €€°¯ ¾ţ€€°n°¾n¾f°f½½nf°¾ 9¾°[email protected]¾ Ŵ +€ ¾f°¾ţnf°€° ¯ – ½¾n –nf¾°– Ŵ +€ n°¾n¾fn°°¾ 9¾n–[email protected]¾°– Ŵ —¯f¾ fnf°"¾°–° f € ½¾n –¾f¾¾¯ °–½f°¾°¾½°¾½°Ŵ°)¾°¾ O —¾ ½¾n f°fnf½½fn Ŷ°f½fn°¾ ff f° €¯f°f¾f°°½¾¾ O ‘Ŧ9©[email protected]¾¾¾¾¾°–¯f–¾Ť ¾¯°€n¾¾°f°¯f ¯f° €–¾ţ fn¾¾ f¾ €n¾°ţ f¾ ¯f°¾½°¾¾ 4 @ ¯fnf½½n½°¾!./01#$°,ff° ¾f°f,–f°f° nff°f¾¾nţ¯f°f°¯f¾¯f–¾€–¾Ŷ ½¾°¾f° f"¾–°–°° ½¾°"¾¯°ţ ¯°¾f° – ¾ 4 fŴfŴ¯f°¾!./23#°n°– f¾n€°f¯°f¾ ff ¯f¾!Ŧ€¯¾ff ţ€¯¾ff°°½½°#Ŷ f¾ f¾n°–°nf°°¾f°°–€ O €fn°nff½½fn ¾ ¾¾°– Ŵ —¯f¾ fnf°"¾ @¾°– Ŵ $n°° n ¾¾$n°° n ¾¾¾ Ŵ —°ff°f° n ¾¾f ¾ţ n ½f°¾¾ ¾€°n° †©n"@¾°– Ŵ *f–f¾½°€fnf°f¾¾ O ½f¯f°!¾ff°f¾€ff¾‘°–¾ f°°#f! f¾n°€n f½½fn €½f¯f°f°– f¾¯nfţ–f¯ ¯f°¾f°n# °¾°!½ ¾ f°¾f¯¯f¾fţ¯¯°f° – Ŷ ¾f°‘°–f°f°½ ¯°° ½f¯f°"¾f¾# fn°f¾¾ Ŵ — ffnn°¾€ ¯¾ff°nn°¯¾ Ŵ fn¾f°½°° f¾½f¯f°, -Ŵ ./01 Ŵ °€— ¯—°!n¯°– ¯¾–nf°9 €¯—°# Ŵ +°€°n ¾f¾nf¯ ¾€f°n¾f°f°5f9f¾°!€f¯¾€½nŴ ¯¯°nf°#½¯°°–°n¾¾!¾f¾n¾ ¯f°f° ¯f°°Ŷ½°¾f°€ f¯f¾nf°½½¾¾ f°€f°€# Ŵ ½½f¯f°"¾|f°f°€€n°! #nff°ff Ŵ °f–°fnf°!–#f¯°–¯°f¾¾!Ŧ¾½€fn°ţf°¾¾f ½f¾¾f–#ţf°¾f ¾° n°n½€–°f°–°n f¾ ¾° nf¾¾nf¾ ½f° Ŵ ½nf¾¾nf¾ Ŵ ½€fnf°f¾¾€½¾n ¯n¾ Ŵ °¾°n|ŦŦff°f—n ¾!nf—n ¾¾¾Ť°–°n¾nfţ ¾f Ŵ °½° °°€¯f¾°– %¾n&€¾f¾°¾n fnf° €°¾°–f°fnnf¾ Ŵ |¾½° ¾€¾f¾nf¯ ¾€fnf°f¾¾ °°°f¾°––°f %f&€fn¾°–¯€€nf°f O f – €¾½f°ţ–°ff¾f¾ ¾f¯ţf¾¾¯"¾½nf Ŵ @ n°¾n¯–€¯ ¯ ţ ff¾ n°¾n Ŵ )¾°ť ff¾ ½½¾€ n°¾nnf°½½¯f°¾¾ €ţ¾nf°–°°–n¾€°¾ ¾¯€n ff½–¾° ¾½nff°½n ¾½ f¯°f Ŵ +°f°½f¯f°ţf¾°€°n½¾n f°f¾¾f°—f¯,n–fţ °¾°nf¯f©€ fff° °f¾°n°nf f½½fn f– ,n–fţ°©¾°–°¾f¾nf¯ ¾½f¯f°Ŷ ¯f°¾nf½½fn € ¯# Ŵ n°nff°¯½nf¾fn n¯½¾ ¾nf°°½¾n – Ŵ — f°°– ¾ţ‘[email protected] °f¯ff€f°–‘°–f° Ŵ ‘° ¾nffn °–°$ff Ŵ D¾°–½f¯f°"¾€fnf°f¾n¯ ţf¯n¾€fn¾n½°¾€½¾°f ° ½¯f€fn¾ Ŵ –f° (711f°–f–¯¾! f€°f½¾°ff¾#ţn.8. f€¯°–¾¯½¯¾Ŷ¾fn°f!½nnf#€¯ f€f¯° f½¾n –nf° Ŵ n°nf¯¾ţ¾¾f°–¾¯°n¾¾ţ °€fnf°f¾¾ ¯°½¯f€fn¾¾¾¾f ¯¾¾ ¾f ½¾°ff¾¾ n °¾f¯¾n¯¯°¾ Ŵ ½f)¾°°ff¾°.3½¾°f€fn¾ †°Ñ°–°n Ŵ fnť|f¾°°– Ŵ °n€€%!°fnţ° ¾½ţ°–¯¯nf½fnŶŦ )n¾ f½¯"°°€#f°n¾f2!nffŶ °–¾ ff ¾€°–f°€°n#°–°n Ŵ ½ f+°–°[email protected]¾¾ff°f°–°n¯¾fn ¾½n€n!½¾€ °–¾—¾°¾f°ţ¾ff°f–°°f°f½½#Ŷ¯ff ¯°¾f¯f¾f f° f°f¯f¾ ƹ€,ţ91 Ŵ |ƹ ff|¾½°¾ţƹf°ţ9ƹ9¾°f Ŵ f¾f€€n ¾f°f°½
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