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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George

Lecture 6Social vs Personality Psychology October 28 2011 Individual differences vs environmental differencesAdding 3 percent on our Midterm marks Quote 1 o Keep this in mind throughout the lecture o Whos the person in chargeand what is their intention ulterior motives etc What makes psychologists credible big question o Depends on their audience o Among participants Bringing people to lab and getting data that is honest etco Among the publicFirst half of courseOften certain type of credibility is fostered in academic community or the publicone might be valued over the other Psychoanalysismore public credibility o Among other academicsintellectualsWhat are fellow psychologists looking for that they are credible and know what they are talking about talked about this the first half of courseEssay questionpsychology as a science and credible institutionswith credible scientists in the institution o Credibility particularly importantdiagramRectangles at endactual things that are measured tests administered concrete measuresCirclesconstructs hypothetical theoretical thingsSome fundamental construct the rectangles are tapping in to Drawing the link between what you are doing practical methodological level but what you end up talking about publish make statement that makes it credibleand credibility is the way you present this o Peoples level of discrimination orWant to talk about constructs but cant measure directly where credibility is essentialTalking about invisible conceptsand have to draw invisible linesboundariesSpeak a language that others will understandand psychologists have the right to talk this languageCan people change o Giving people a second changefundamentally if youve done this than you probably believe that people can change o Or are people of a certain type Changing behavioursociety and illusionWhy do people behave as they do o Fundamental attrbitution errorSocial circumstancesour own behaviours attributed this waySome one elseattribute their behaviour to their personalityIn law for instance can political orientation change o General social orientationcan change be imposed Or is regulation the best option o General perspectivetrust and free willCan people act consistently vs frivolously Knowing how to know those around usthese questions are hugeso how do we credibly speak to these questionscan this be done with science Word Associations Psychologyo Testsassociated with its tools or testsTrait Theorystrongly grounded in testing and statisticsIndividual Difference o Trait theorydifferences between peopleare stable have them when we were born predictive o People are a certain wayspecifiable and measurable traitsWatsonovert behaviourstill important hereRoot of behaviourthat is specified down to a measureAll those fundamental questionsscience of mindcan be narrowed down to these tools of measurement o How do we build credibility into the theoryHow do we know whether these traits exist And how TESTSBefore Trait theoryFour HumoursAttributed to Hippocrates and Galen o A persons personality is one of these fourSanguinebloodMelancholicblack bileCholericyellow bilePhlegmFeeblemindedness and Criminality o The way criminals were treated in the prison systemby psychologists o Skulls of psychopathic criminalsto measure feeblemindedness like the Kallikak familymore evidence in favour of this approach
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