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Lecture 8 Friday November 11 2011Classes change a bit after todaybefore its a story of psychologyhistorical factors involved in a larger context but now we look beneath the surface of the same topics using critical perspective implications of how psychology is changing within psychology and societywithin and outside psychology 2 Quotesfrom John Ralston Saul o Critical perspectiveeffective critical thinker in the sense of whats really happening whats truly beneath the surface o The Faithdoing missionary work and spreading Catholicism o Bxism doesnt encompass all of what we do and are thinkingwhat psychology to encompassbut bxism WORKS like in classroom settings o We have to be willing to look at whats really there because up until now we have been rewarded for doing things a certain way looking at things critical requires you to tear yourself away from habit to kill the hero or the part of you that has been rewarded for certain things o Make an effort to try to look underneath Advertisements o How do these make you feel o How does it make you feel now as a U of T student OR as a man OR as a smokerYour perspective changes limiting how can speak in this place and what kind of voice that is required to answer the question labels that can be applied to you o Respect for a certain type of personhe will respect you if you are a tax payerOtherwise if you dont pay tax then your voice does not accountAnyone that pays taxes is a tax payer in ONE sense but these can be different individuals divided on occupation or other factorshave a disabled child have 4 children have noneDisrespect is allotted to solely a different voice o The type of language one uses especially someone with power to define a set of communication etcwho they should be addressing fundamentally changes their subjectivitySubjectivityTheir experiences and their psychologyEx sensitivity training coursesthat you dont say autistic but person with autismRedefines the situation and the actors in it What do psychologists study o It dependsWhat metaphors available for us to think with What historical situations did they find themselves in and how did this affect the way the did their workHow imagination drives what we see as psychologists o This is what we say we studywhat do we actually STUDY though o Is it subjectivityIllustrates idea of subjectivitytheir gaze is changing your subjectivity coming to this painting with your own thoughts and opinions and experiencesIn the picture what are they looking at YOUThey are affecting who we are We an idea of our self and our subjectivity in our terms and we shape our subjectivity in accordance to the other howeverFeel like you are a part of the paintingbut the painting doesnt expect it to be YOU but you are standing in the place of the king and queenand you are getting the perspective of what they would seeThis changes our subjectivity and changes others expectationsand how do you behave accordinglyHow do you act in front of a group of peoplea large number of people to look at youThis negotiation becomes difficultits now up to you your subjectivity because you match your subjectivity to the other o Do we study subjectivity OR do we CREATE itTo what extent and HOW do psychologists create subjectivityA way for the people in our studies to express and experience their psychology in the first place METHOD Looking at Individual People o Personhood What makes a person an individual personSelfconceptA person has a sense of selfto express yourself as a person to othersconsistent steady idea of who you are over time2 partsself as known vs self as knowerIn the middle of doing somethingin these situations fully invested this is the self as known Stopped writing looking back at essay and looking at what you wrotebeing conscious of your self conscious of a past self the I knowing the meobjective vs subjective perspective of your self o Object to selfmakes myself an object to think aboutfreeze myself in this past time for this higher level self o think abouttwo levels of selfreflexive processes o Vs subject to self
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