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PSY493 SEPT 18, 2012 LECTURE 2 Kills wife on pcp then put into hospital for criminally insane, bc argued he was insane under pcp and let out on weekends and gets into a cycle accident and before repressed it and now remembers and now hunts him Theme is he tries to be a humanist and when brain damaged the person is damaged, its not damaged but differently able, different not impaired Brain memory but mind doesn’t, if one in the same, there is stuff in there with no axis. Things in brain not axis to. Issue of when you are guilty. In hospital for insane instead of prison. Legal system is breaking apart the mind and the brain, acts as mind is something in addition to the brain Most are dualist, the mind and the brain separate Place where memories are stored, the limbic system its older part of the brain his older parts were hyperactive. Idea of localize function to parts of the brain Donald experience of activity when recalling he is a spectator, happening own brain but not thing he is doing it, he is watching himself, brain is recreate the events and you know that is not me now, watching your brain activity another layer of dualism. Playing thing out may think its you but another thing Neurophilosophy - Philo and neuroscientist, not measure cells but data is neuroscience - Issue is mind body problem or ontololigcal problem how mental existence comes from brain matter - Mental state and matter what different from a rock Red materialism - Perspective is mind is what brain does - All mental things can be reduced to material of the brain - fucntionalism - Functionalism is closest to psychology, recently majority not care about the brain, Cog neuroscience - Not dualism - Some combination of psych and neuroscience to understand the human brain Ontological problem - Issue mind and body and idea of existence, conscious entity - Think of this as academic exercise, it is a central issue for many religions - The aftr life what happens when body is burned is still a you around, do need body for self - Mind is body and then think going to go to heaven - Reduc – not allow for dualism - If soaul mind is body brain, and brain decay only bag of bones no you anymore no Dualism - Mind thoughts are not physical they are beyond the scope of being able to study the physical world - Dualist mind is not physical beyond physics neurobiology - Its another thing - Physical matter of the universe but different for the mind Substance dualism - Descarte from west spere two matters ordinary matter which exists and occupies space - Mind not physical extension of space - Table takes up space, mind is a nonsubstance - Mind not contained in the skull brain is - Mind stuff and the body - Nonsubstance getting things to move - Mind causes body to act, something in between - Influence my body not others - He exists bc he thinks bc he ha access to mental stuff Problem - No mass influencing something to act which has mass Property dualism - The brain has special properties than other physical things - Brain create mental experience create pain - Create desire - Computer physical device but not the ability of consciousness, liver own mind? No - Something special of brain to consciousness - Argue for own science, psychology study mental events themselves study mental without physical - Brain special property fo having a mind not like other devisces Epiphenomism - Eph perspective happens not important on the side - Engine makes sound correlation - It moves makes sound sound is necessary, it is causally related it is necessary but is actually a by product it just happens - Same thing for minds - We focus on consciousness as important but maybe stuff what happens - Thoughts and behviorus influence behavior but brain does everything and is just a by produect - Consciousness not important, epiphenomal - Bc we interact with the world subconsciously - Mind casused by brain - Mind no influence on the brain - This thought caused this brain activity - Arrow other direction - The thought or brain activity result in the thought - And thought not influence the brain - Thought epiphenomanl - Consequence question do we have free will - Whether we choose with minds, or is brain choosing our behavioural - Mental illusion, someone appear that these things are happening Interactionist dualism - Mind emerges from the brain - Just like emergent properties of matter its hard soft - Mind just another property - Property of matter prop of the mind - Over time evolution some degree of complexity of matter that gives it properties of mind - Rocks Not involving or changing - Retina has to talk to higher parts of the brain to support consciousness - Mind generated from brain - Mind not sound to engine but causal - Thoughts seperarte that can alter brain, bi directional - Hunger cuasualy related to you eating sushi - State did something to you do something - Philosophers - Cant map mind to brain - One not smart enough technology cant do it - Or intractable problem its just impossible cant do it Interactionsist - Argument for dualism - Not mind to brain - Qualia – the redness of red the sweetness of sweet the conscious of a thing having a property - Warmth of summer or coolness of winter - Cant reduce it in brain or physical world - Not make sense if do - How much molecules bouncing more temp and less lower temp what are psych correlates are warmeth and cool – feel separate sensations different cool and warm not same psychology but magnitude of physical psychological different, warmth and coolness not exist in physical world - Only physical not know warm or cooled - Pilery puntnam – baby and have a toy vlocks and cyclinders and fit in holes - Do we need to know subatomic structure to explain why cube fits in square, recutionist says yes we have to look at molecules - Answer not know and not tell u answer, it bc it cube and other cyclinder higher level of organzition - Reduc – look harder but misses explanation - Level of analysis higher to grasp phenomenom - Psych says not all neuroscientist bc not give answer to problem of interests - Dualists says no bc reduces wont explain it Problems - Introspection - Early days of psych based introspection - Real limits to understand way u ecperince - Cog imp – not access to everything lens of introspection not measure neurons - Dualism focus what we are aware of but most we are not aware of - Irreducabilty – cant reduce to subatomic molecules – - Who solve problem better doctor vs philopsher - Can they predict just knowing mental events to predict things - Neuroscience as something to add - Dualism and hold onto the brain Next - Skull and dura peeled off - Nasty looking - Reductive material crack open brain - Organ is you - Clinical studies patient or has epilipesy cant function, they map out brain and part creating erradic activity - Psycho surgeory – scoop it out and leave you normal - Clinical procedure but philopsical implications - Evidence mental states are physical stated of the brain - Figure out a mapping - Brain own language - Brain electrical lnagauage of ap and figure out translation - Brain causally related we poke the brain - Electrodes first meant for monitoring then reverse things remove it first stimulate the cells - Becomes philosophical issue - Not generating thing from mind but from brain and another person is doing it - Hear something is physical stimulus in world but actually a brain state, not matter sounds no electrical act hearing not happen - Phiopshers cant do this Functionalism - Still people who are psychologists who study what it is to behave human - They are functionislis - Behviourism input ass with outputs - Not directly measure deal without them why mind in between - Funct say s need mind inbeween - Mental states defined cuasla relations not brain states - Fire in house and other thing fire and logs outside fire caug
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