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University of Toronto St. George
Adam Keith Anderson

PSY494 NOV 8 2012Not focus on eyes look for other fesatures Ask sm famous patient is artisit and ask to draw what she thought different emotions look likeCan capture happiness sadness Fear draws a baby all else is faceFor fear cannot draw face featureCan explain fearful situationShow complex scene and held up by knife and app emotion and say fear and think bypass amygdala doesCan describe situation to selfLike autismNot rely on autism can come up with verbal stragety Higher order cog appraisalIf looked at rec of complex fear intactHuman amygdalaBush carl roveDo u trust him at his face Use facial features if person is trustworthy or not If amygdala damage same estimation very trusting of untrustworthy people what signal stay away not sensitive too Kind of like the rat with the cat FmriNo matter how interesting do characterize what a healthy amygdala does by looking at uberch disease Look at amygdala does in healthy individuals When absent cause impariemnt in task Then expect when judging trustworthy brain picture amy lit up si activated to make judgements and make combination lots people and that task depend on it PhysTheme evidence convergence things seen in other animals following lesion and using paradigms with healthy individuals Fear conditioningCritical in rats in fear learning Shown study in humans fear learning impairedIs engaged in humans answer is yesPresent two netural face Csmean dicrimive condition paradigmBrain can discriminate between twoOn as with whit noise burst other is notAfter conditioning amy seesee cr with amy turns on greater then cssee reduction that is not adversiliy conditioned Amy not differentiate responsePaired ult show when stimulus shown alone face aversicve qualitie EnhancementIn non human fear cond bc hard in mouse ask them episodic memory Implicit fear cond model of memry extends to memoryNot only implicit fear learning but things in remembering emotional arousing In in scanner and see if act is correlated week from nowScanner see bookTwo weeks from nowWhy remember surge of something when see picture Odd or disturbingCritcal neural component is not cog features but engaged amygdalaBody became aroused for a moment jolt phys arousal means sig event Two studies ind differences Tested 60 in scanner and look at mag amygdale act predict who would remember baby tumor and which forget on bases on reading brain mag of amy activationIf necessary for enhancing emotion then those who remember amygdala engagedForget that not engage amyCerebral blood flow and rec enhancemtn Predicting future event from brain eventHipp is necessaryLook similar a is more dorsal above B more ventral belowHipp cradles amygdala amy above hippo in each hemisphere Find hip related to memeroyfor all things not boost for emeoitnal events but neurtral events as wellMechanism amy not remembering influencing hippo episodic memory system NextAt time tech analytical innovationEvent realted fmrilook at mag of activation of brain strcuutrs to single eventIndicating reme fogetPredctions within not between like beforeHigh certainity remember two week laterSquiqqly lines hemodynaic repsosne functions measure blood flow corrr neural activity
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