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Laury Silvers

- Purpose of class meant to think about: - 1) continuing our idea of the politics of difference (Charles Taylor) - 2) if committed to pluralism how do you accommodate difference? - one way is get rid of plurality, treat everyone the same - recognition of difference going to be some sort of encounter - what kind of rhetoric of difference? What works? - Donna Haraway and Martin Luther King Jr. - Haraway- theory of rhetorics for difference - Different ways of reasoning? Finding other way where rhetorics come in? - Find a way to use words and arguments differently - Case of rhetoric Letter from Birmingham Jail - Historical narrative needs figuring - Markness theory- terms people mark/unmark - Figurative verses literal language - Letter from Birmingham Jail - Figurative black and white issues - Two opposite extremes, either yes, no / or one way or the other…. - Just as x sentence require a certain way to be finished : so too x…. - Difficulty of waiting, try to relate and wait.. doesn’t complete thought until end of paragraph - Disappointment and expectations and hope - Semantic pairs - A must do X and do
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