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RLG 384 December 4th Lecture

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Laury Silvers

- RLG 384 December 4 Lectureh - How we think about tolerance - What is the right attitude to have towards that group? - Want to change because value gender equality and other group doesn’t - Options available? - As citizens and individuals - Shari’ah law? - Pluralism is valuing plurality - Challenges about this! - How to deal with things we find distasteful and intolerable - Problematic to force/not force your views on others - Options do something about it or just let it be - Conflict of values within ourselves - Pluralist values pluralism - If imposing views on others are u still a pluralist? - Struggle within us about our values, one of our values is to value others values - When is tolerance required? - when you find what they are doing intolerant - tolerance is tested when run up against something intolerant - pluralism within basic agreement, no real challenge to it, value difference that doesn’t offend us - don’t have to value everything (pluralism on a degree) value some things but not others/ scale! - Are you in fav
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