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RLG 314 Lecture 1 - Office hours Jackman 204, Thursday 2:30-5:30 pm - [email protected] - Syllabus online - Equity/equality debate within Islam - Gender and sexuality norms as historical constructions NOT natural - Will send out reading for next week, not in bookstore! - Multiple choice test you on: knowledge (basis terms), literal translation.. ezer kenegdo (on exam)!, comprehension: understanding the place of a term or a concept in the whole…, analytical skills: identifying inter-relationships between terms and concepts, as well as causes and effects of events or interpretation… - In-class drawing commentary- illustrate meaning of things! - Myth of your own- write creation myth of your own, understand how social norms are constructed through sources (creation myths) - Submit myth as Amy_Butcher_Myth_Essay_RLG_314_2013.doc/pdf/rtf - Basic terms from Nye - Know big names! - Normative- which a culture holds to be standard, shared values and aspirations policed by society to keep the social order in place, people are rewarded or punished to keep within the boundaries of cultural norms, cultural norms come to be seen as “natural laws” - Androcentrism/privilege- men’s experiences and bodies are the definition of human being and body, others experiences and bodies are only understood in relationship to that body, men don’t have to think about the experiences of others because to think about themselves is to think about the whole - Patriarchy- social order in which men have power and control over others, men wield institutional power through full access to educational and economic power, men control the others’ access to power, others’ power may simply serve to support male power - Cannot use ideology of patriarchal culture to criticize it, needs to come from
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