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Laury Silvers

RLG314 Lecture 2 - Japanese creation myth - Women speaks first so child born deformed, men speaks first child born beautiful - Creation myth comes to rise with Shinto religion (man speaking first) - Values written into mythology - Norse creation myth - Not always about a primordial couple - Construction and notion of fate - Not about the creation of homosapians: about the creation of human beings who belong to your tribe - 10 steps in creation (on slide) - 1) male born from poisonous drops (giant) - 2) cow feeds imir - Giant and the cow (couple) - 3) out of imir’s sweat comes a male and female giant - 4) cow licks salt stone and Gods born - Male God marries a female giant and gives birth to babies - 5) 3 baby goods - 6) dismember imir and create earth - 7) find logs and make human beings - Not everything is easy to read for gender - Come at readings from different directions and closely - How to read for Gender - First Steps in Reading for Gender - Sample texts: God makes man “a helper” - 1) if not working with original, consider problem of translation - 2) consider multiplicity of meanings - 3) let observations stand at first, do not try to resolve them - Genesis 2:18-2:25 - Make him a helper! - “not found a helper as his partner” - What is ‘ezer - Literal terms suggests a subordinate relationship - In biblical context ‘ezer’ means ‘helper’, but someone superior to the ones they help - Not necessarily subordinate or superior (could be either)
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