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RLG314 Lecture 3

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Laury Silvers

- RLG314 Lecture 3 - Cosmological Submission and Social Hierarchies - Use these slides as a study guide! - How Eve’s Creation Sets a Natural Order for all women - Rabbinic Sources: - Pg. 78: How do the Rabbis reconcile G1:27? - “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God and he created them; mal and female he created them.” - Contradiction- single and dual creation - Rabbis needed to explain - 18.4- creation of two Eve’s - What are the qualitative assumptions: women’s bodies are icky, destroy creation and start again - Women’s creation is a cosmological wrong in some ways - Women after born of the bone don’t have discharge and blood? - Think of social order and expectation of women - Pg.81 What is the value of the rib? What does that say about women’s tendencies and the proper social order (18.2)? - Rib is modest and concealed - Nothing positive mentioned - Only negative qualities set up against modesty - Because not modest…she is these other things - Adam and Eve’s Bodies - Jewish sources pg. 81 and 82 - 81- in Genesis Rabbah 18.2, why the rib? - 81-82: In Genesis Rabbah 17.8, what does earth and bone say about men’s and women’s tendencies? - Men easily appeased, women not - Earth soaks up water, women bone rots (look at text) - Way men’s and women’s bodies are described, what it means for women’s social role and who she is, sets up social expectation for women’s nature - P.84 and 85 what’s the difference between Adam and Eve’s beauty and why is there a difference? - Pg.92 the curses on Eve are pretty serious in ‘Eurbin 100b, but Sotah 12b has a softer side. There what restores a woman’s body to her pre-Fall body? - Submission to her husband restores her to her pre-fall body!!!! - Submit to her husband, do not have pain giving birth - Pain never lifted, hold women to impossible standard, always fall short - These stories are used in social context - [[Do not know degree of social norms enacted in the world - Rabbis argue and argue, intellectual conversation - Things they say reflective of social context - Enforce a social context or ideal social context]] - How Eve’s Creation Sets a Natural Order for All Women - Christian Sources: - Pg.134: Origen sets up a need for harmony between pairs, how does this play out in his discussion of the soul? - Flesh punishment, lesser than the soul - If men and women in harmony life is good (gender equity based on social roles) - Do job together and works as a whole - Things on spiritual level - “it is just a metaphor for the spiritual struggle” - Bringing the soul under control the spirit and bring the spirit to God, very heavily gendered - What does this do to people? - Man astray- like a harlot women - Women perfect- like a man…. - Inwardly real world and social effects - Pg.149-151: Augustine separates the two Creation stories into spiritual and physical. What does that mean for his notion of women’s social role as a helper? - Pg.152: Augustine has A and E share the
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