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Sol Goldberg

October 4, 12 - From Last class: - don’t sacrifice our political capacity - Modesty about our position – but ^ - Dialogue is not just a process – it is of value - Not only in its results - a value as a process or a procedure. - A key feature - relation to a non-absolute truth - dialogue is for people who are trying to convince people that their view is right. - Today: - Public reason. - peace being the goal of dialogue rather than truth - Adds another dimension to our discussion of peace – 2 kinds of tolerance. - Minimalist conception (superficial) – “who am I to say that my view is right” tolerate b/c you cant say your view is 100% correct - Deeper conception - they want something more – to understand each other - Issue of legitimacy - like peace is a political concept rather than an epistemological truth (nature of knowledge) - Legitimacy – tied to a view of justification – tied to our beliefs of the world. - Justified true beliefs – ex. the table is made of wood - when justification gets tied to legitimacy – it gets less to a point about it relates to one another. – the justification itself would have a legitimacy regardless if it is right. - A certain reciprocity – legitimate rather than the best possible laws or public institutions. - What we want is a legitimate resolution on the topic of the discussion - ^reciprocity shows it - argument addressed to others. - pg66 - citizens realize that....comprehensive doctrines” – Rawls - A world view that specifies – this is what I take to be true and not true, basic facts about human nature, religious or non-religious but have a certain physical or metaphysical way of how you view the world. - The goal of public reason is not to get at a certain truth – but
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