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Sol Goldberg

November 1 , 2012 - Reformation - Change and conflict within European society - 1500-1700 (Early/modern period) – The time of the great “witchcrazes “ - 1500’s – the protestant reformation produced new forms of Christianity in Europe – They were different but they were in opposition to Catholicism and the Roman Church. - They established different theologies, ritual systems, and constructs. - The protestants didn’t make up a concern for reform on their own - People were working on reform centuries before. - Abuses of power – and lack of education for parish priests. - Criticism was directed at worldliness – some popes were deeply involved in secular politics. Some put their monetary desire ahead of their faith. - 16thC – Protestantism – restoring Christianity to what they said was their apostolic (true)/biblical form – clearing away theological mistakes and corruptions from the Catholic Church – rejected the structure or the Church and the Pope. - When a King/Ruler converted the people of his town had to convert or leave or go into hiding. - Didn’t effect Russia, Africa and didn’t occur in Italy and Spain - Protestant Reformation effected the British Isles, North-Western Europe, and the Scandinavian countries. - Europe was emerging from severe crises (1300-1500) - 1300’s – Renaissance - Sizes of existing cities are increasing – increase in the building of massive cathedrals - There was a period of bad weather – which meant failed harvest – long-term shortages of food and famines - Reducing the amount of seeds for the next season - By 1320 – 10/25% of Europe’s population was dead from starvation. - Disease – 1347-1351 – The great plague swept across Europe and the British Isles (1/3-1/2 of Europe’s population dead) - There was no idea how the disease was transferred - Hundred Years War – France and England – Fought in Northern France – 1337 - ~1453 - In areas of mo
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