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Walid Saleh

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RLG100 WORLD RELIGIONS Buddhism review - Started at a moment of revolution and renunciation - Three Indic religions were formed - Jainism (absolute nonviolence, total complete renunciation) - Very small religion - Buddhism like Jainism starts with 1 man. - Buddha means awakening - 4 sides (disease, old age, death, renunciant) - Has a moment of awakening and tells the 4 Noble truths - Goes back to friends and gives the 1 sermon, the teaching of the Dharma starts - 4 Noble Truths - Dukha (Suffering) - Arising (Craving and ignorance) - Cessation of suffering - Path - 3 Sects of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana(China&Japan), Vajrayana - When the Buddha is born he is already awakened and transcendent. - Zen/Chen Buddhism: A tradition of Buddhism in China. Says intuition is how awakening is obtained. It is an instantaneous awakening. - Tibetan Buddhism: read wiki or something - Buddhism is non-exclusive, you can be Buddhist & another religions Hinduism **Upanishads equated the atman with brahma** Lectures on karma, time theory and Upanishads are all referential to Hinduism.  It is a vast religion. You can believe in no Gods, one God or many Gods and you would still be a “good Hindu.” Thus when studying Hinduism you need to study it in a different manner in comparison to other religions.  Hinduism does not have a point of conception. It is the culture of India and the flux. After the split into 3 (Jains, Buddhists and Hindus) Hinduism didn’t reject the VEDAS. They reconfigured them in a different way (Upanishads allowed the Hindus to keep the Vedas but they are the “new version,”) meaning Hinduism is not a vedic religion but it’s a new religion.  Hinduism accused Jainism and Buddhism that they are impractical and elitist. Claimed that not everyone can afford to live like the Buddha.  2 passes for salvation (Nivritti an Pravritti) o Renunciation (Nivritti tradition, for the elite.) For those interested in Moksa o Household (Pravritti tradition)Engagement in the world. o For those who want a household, enage in the world, have kids etc. o Hinduism is prescribed by its cultural traditions. It is also restrictive. o Nivritti
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