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Walid Saleh

RLG100 WORLD RELIGIONS TIME LINE  Vedas, Rig Veda  1500 BCE o Life is good o VEDIC RELIGION: Sacrifice o Literature o Vedas o Rig Veda  1000 BCE  800 BCE o Transformation of Vedic religion o Non-Violence (Ahimsa) against violence of Vedas o Revolution o THREE GRAND RELIGIONS: How to get out of Samsara  Jainism  Buddhism  Hinduism  Keeps the Vedas but understands them through the Upanishads  400 BCE o Three religions all based of transformation focusing on how to get out of Samsara o Hinduism only one to keep Vedas  Upanishads 800 – 400 BCE o A book that documents the transition from Vedic sacrificial period to new religions and the institution o They reveal to us the true knowledge revealed in Vedic texts at the end o The Vedas changed/reinterpreted o Played critical role in development of religion in India o Notions of Karma, reincarnation (6 characteristics) o Notion of renounce, unnatural, upsetting, idea of giving up your things  The beginning of radical transformation o A book that documents old trad. Veda o Emergence of control religious concepts  Rebirth, samsara, reincarnation, yoga (control over body) o Common to 3 religions and some just for Hinduism o Obsession of addictions mentioned  1 gaze on ourselves, nothing but desires and obsessions controlled through renunciation of wealth, sex, kids  Self-reflection (who am I? etc) o In Hinduism, Vedas = upanishads  The Scripture of Hinduism o Codified, Sanskrit, philosophical reflections mostly in the form of dialogue between student and master, through parables, discussion etc. o Written between 600 – 400 BCE o Gives hidden meaning of Vedas – true knowledge o Perfect it, reveal it, how to understand it o Each teaching creates a view of the whole, philosophical revealing of the vision, draws together the separate elements of human experience, compressin
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