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Walid Saleh

1/21/2013 3:14:00 PM RLG100 WORLD RELIGIONS JAINISM  5 Great Vows  Fast till death  Jina Worship pg 166 BUDDHISM Buddha  Buddha was a prince  Born or existed 566-486 BCE years ago  His birth was a cosmic event  Astrologers told his father that he is going to be a warrior or a renunciant. So the king recreates reality and eliminates causes that he thinks would make his son sour. Once he is born, and grows up everything goes as planned. He marries at 16. Around the age of 29, the prince wants to go on a trip outside the city. The king sends workers to clean. They forget to remove an old man, which is the first thing the prince sees. He sees that youth is not permanent and asks to be taken back. He is dismayed at suffering, that someone like him can be so different. The prince ventures out again and sees someone sick. Which is predictable at the height if youth, you can be shaken by sickness. Any little mishap can lead to this. He sees that someone who is died and cremated is being transported and asks what death is and has a nervous breakdown.  His experiences, telling of major stories, is suffering and is what the religion is b
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