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Andre Maintenay

BuddhismVedic context belief in cyclical time rebirth karma samsara moksha o Importance of impermanence anityaeverything in samsara in cosmological existence is subject to changeexception in Hinduism are the gods teachings and especially ones soul also true in Jainism In Buddhist teachings the concept of impermanence does not exclude the soul o Two primary languages in Buddhism Sanskrit and PaliHistorical BuddhaThe BuddhaAwakened One o Born Siddartha Gautama also called Shakyamuni o Originally a shramana o born c 563 BCE to ksatriya class o Myth believed to have been the son of a ruler he himself a prince in the warriorruler class He abandoned his caste and became a shramana Life story o Four sightssaw 1 sickness 2 old age 3 death and 4 a monkHe becomes troubled andis unable to live his palace life any longer to be truly content he must follow the way of the monk he saw o Great renunciation or Departure o Practiced extreme asceticism before realizing the Middle Wayrejected the idea of extreme asceticism as the way to enlightenment you have to be healthy you have to be in a middle p
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