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University of Toronto St. George
David Perley

Judaism Lecture 16/01/2013 7:12:00 AM Sacred History, Revelation, and Narrative  Revelations given to certain prophets over time  Why is there a need to keep having revelations? Why not just tell the story once? o Failure is a connection o Mercy from god o God is always willing to give a second chance in the Hebrew Bible  Christians super revelation is when Jesus comes to the world  Jesus comes to earth is the biggest moment  In Islam, Muhammad gets a revelation once, (the Quran)  In Judaism well see a turn to messianic ideas. Where you turn to someone for help Diversity  Being Jewish is a category used to describe someone’s religiosity or ethnicity  Many Jews can be culturally Jewish but not religious  Majority of Jews are secular, they are not practicing  Secular Jews don’t have any problems with the orthodox Jews in Israel Monotheism  One god  One principle  One reality/Wisdom  Transition in Hebrew bible when Abraham strikes up a contract with god  Henotheism – exclusive belief in one god but keeping in mind other gods may exist  Idolatry – a person that is worship something that is empty or hollow Torah  Flexible words, has multiple meanings  Religious law  It is the 5 books (component of the Hebrew bible)  It is a guide, provide a way to behave in the world  “I live my life according to Torah = I live my life according to god” Revelation  Apocalypse  Something is unveiled or revealed Role of Prophets  Islam – Muhammad revises the Abrahamic traditions  Christianity – Messianic Popes  Judaism – Abraham Pentateuch (means 5) / Tanakh  Hebrew Bible = Old Testament 1) Torah  5 books of Moses (orthodox believers believe Moses wrote and revealed the Torah) i. Genesis ii. Exodus iii. Leviticus iv. Numbers
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