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Sol Goldberg

February 25, 13 Gender Justice 1 - Phyllis Tribble - Authority of experience – a man cannot force a woman to read a passage from the bible. - 439: Listening to self in reading (authority of experience) – Listening to herself – It doesn't have to mean what it says it means. - 440 – it doesn't have to mean that Adam was created first – a non gendered earth creature could have been the first – brought the woman to man. - Look at how she argues certain points. - If you do this then you have to read them all as masculine. - 2) the creature is not human – forms gradually into a binary – what is more natural than a male? – heteronormative. 3) There is no linguistic marker – what is the thing in the text which tells you how to read it. – the linguistic marker is women being in the middle – good argument but it doesn't work (what she says) – pokes holes in her own argument to make it stronger. - Heteronormative bias which was typical of feminism in this time – in text. - 441-2: But at the end of the chapter, ha-„adam must be read generically…. *****REST OF THE SLIDE***** - Displaced patriarchy‟s claim on the story itself. - - Judith Plaskow (Created myth assign out of this) - Authority of experience – women as stories symbolize the “yeah yeah yeah…” – affirming each other‟s experience. - For women – their experience is a sight of knowledge – women not waiting to be told. - Telling stories to each other. - Process of coming together and coming to understand each other - The Woman who represents equality (Lilith) - The women who represents subservience (Eve) - The man who holds the power in
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