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Eleanor Pontoriero

RLG309 READING 3 THE UNITED NATIONS Main TopicsThe UNs work in human rights and protection of the environmentTension between North and South on these issues Welfare InternationalismThe most important human rights body in the UN is the Human Rights Commission HRC Promotes the acceptance of human rights as a general part of the business of international societyo Given authority to investigate specific human rights violations by states Hoped it would be used to criticise racist and colonial governmentso Created the Declaration of Human Rights Not a legally binding document a fewcountries abstainedo More declarations made over the years which emphasized different human rights UN now trying to create a third generation of human rights includes right to development right to peace right to clean environment etc Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide o Not fully invoked until recently1968 Conference at Tehran disagreements between the North and South Third world countries wanted emphasis on racism colonialism and self determination while Western governments wanted to focus on other issues Discrimination against women received lots of attention The 1970s saw many confer
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