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University of Toronto St. George
Nicole Hayes

RLG100 Lecture feb 4 - Jainism took ahimsa (non violence) to the radical end - Notion of meditation is evident in these 3 religions. - Balgerana (third sect in Buddhism, in the book read it) - Zen Buddhism states that awakening can hit you any time and it is instantaneous awakening. - Read about Tabatum Buddhism - Buddhism does not exclude you being something else. Eg, you can be both Christian and Buddhist. Hinduism - The problem with Hinduism is that it is a vast religion. Eg, you can be a Hindu that does not believe in Gods, you can be a Hindu that believes in one god, you can be a Hindu who can believe in many gods, etc. - Hindus reconfigured the Vedas. Meaning, Hinduism is not a Vedic religion and it is a new religion since they reconfigured the Vedas. - Upanishads are the text that allowed Hindus to keep the Vedas but reconfigure them. - Hinduism says that the solution given by Jainism and Buddhism is radical. - Eg, you have to become a monk (no marrying, no eating etc) to practice Buddhism and Jainism properly. - Nivritti tradition (for the elite, those who are interested in Moksha) and pravritii tradition (for the householder: those who engage in the world) - Since majority of the people will chose the Pravritti tradition, dharma becomes fundamental. - The dharma is the universal rule of law that governs this universe. Dharma is rules according to the caste you belong to. - Hinduism says each human being lives according to their situation and circumstance
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