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Christianity Movie notes These notes are taken from the movie that RLG100 students watched for christianity. It explains a whole lot about christianity, its origin, and early structure. The movie is made through a historical-critical perspective.

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

FROM JESUS TO CHRIST THE FIRST CHRISTIANS The Quest for the Historical JesusNo sources from Jesus lifeJesus low class The Place and Times in which Jesus Grew Up Rome ruled Jesus homeland Archaeological findings raise questions about Jesus social class and indicate Galilee was a hotbed of radicalismJesus was born under Roman ruleAugustis CesarClaimed son of a GodRome had a great empire o Included Palestine and Judea where Jesus was born and grewJesus was born in Nazareth near the sea of GalileeRecent archaeological Discoveries at Sepphoris o Discoveries made us unsure of the belief of Jesus social economic setting o As the discoveries show Jesus was quite involved with the modern life o Scholars question Jesus being the humble carpenterCalling someone a carpenter is not to show respect but to degrade o Jesus most likely went to Sepphoris to earn his livingYou couldnt deal either in market or workplace without knowing GreekSepphoris was a thoroughly Jewish cityJudaism was completely Jewish o Born of Jewish mother o All friends were Jews o Worshipped in Jewish synagogues o Preached from Jewish texts Jesus was Born Lived and Died a Jew He was influenced by Judaisms rich diversity including the Essenes an apocalyptic sect and John the Baptist who baptized JesusIn this period there was only ONE temple o Center of religious life o Josephusone temple for the One God o Temple was a very powerful unifying place in Jewish community o Most holy place o Symbolic part of the country o Although the temple was a centerpiece of Jewish life and religion Judaism was not a state religion Judaism was very diversePeople who werent priests at all had absolutely strict opinions on how the Priests should run their businessDead Sea Scrolls o Found isolated from Jerusalem o Produced by EssenesAbandoned Jerusalem in protest against how the temple was being runAmonastic communityAn apocalyptic sectthought themselves to be the true form of the religionGod is finally going to solve the problem of injustice and evil in the world by totally eradicating evil and the good are going to live with God in justice with holiness
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