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Lecture 7

World Religions Lecture 7 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
David Perley

rlg100 day 7 10/24/2013 2:10:00 PM Ahimsa… Early Buddhism Buddha’s story of who he met: 1. Old Man: we all grow old and decay 2. Sick Man: suffering 3. Dead Man: corpse, he realizes people die and become a corpse 4. Holy Man: He cuts his hair which is symbolic to the aristocratic class, to seek spirituality  gnus ascetics  yoga meditation  dissatisfaction Luxury Asceticism |-> Middle Way Bodhi tree Scared biography: its more powerful that the people who were his greatest critiques were his first devotees. When Buddha gains enlightenment his gives his first sermon to his 5 critiques The Buddhist path is articulated in the 4 Noble Truth Middle way - everything in moderation - paradox (cautious about avoiding extremes) - 8 fold path as the middle way - the importance of right view First Noble Truth: The Problem Dukkha -> Life is suffering: chronic uneasiness (dis-eased) all the time  the words are usually written as pali (language of the people) and Sanskrit A collection of different things that influence each other (not uniform or pristine)-> Buddhism definition of personality Buddha doesn’t believe in Atman Aggregates (pieces of gravel stuck together) perpetuates the suffering and creates the environment of suffering 1. Impermanence -> Flux (n
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