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Lecture 4

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Lecture 4 – October 3 rd RLG – Hinduism Class vs. cast - Classes (dividing u society into 4 or 5 groupings)  Priests (Brahmin)  Warriors (Kshatriya)  Producers  Servants - Caste (Jati) (social divisions that are relational)  Preservation of social clans  Can be ethnically divided  Marry within own caste Brahmin = Atman - Once you realize that Atman equals Brahmin will come out of this never ending cycle 3 levels of existence - What is really real (Brahmin) - What is completely unreal - And the world that we live in (partially real) - Maya (has some kind of existence, based on our perception, some uncertainty, seek Brahmin to find what is real) Classical Hinduism - What is heard - Known as Smriti - What is composed (still a revelation) - Newer texts inspired by older texts although crafting it themselves (accessibility) Epics - Ramayana  Rama (one of the carnations of Vishnu)  Valkimi (the composer)  Takes on different forms in different areas  Rama exiled to forest, Sita goes with him, Sita gets taken by Ravan, Hanuman helps rescue Sita  Start to question Sita fidelity  - Mahabharata  Containing the Bhagavad Gita  Arjuna and Krishna  Krishna (incarnation of Vishnu)  Vishnu can manifest in the world (usually injustice that goes on the triggers the need to come) (can manifest in as different animals) (can’t pin down image of Vishnu, too overwhelming) (Krishna a more accessible reach to Vishnu) Lecture 4 – October 3 rd RLG – Hinduism  Evil and injustice of war  Dharma to fight for righteousness  Don’t become attached
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