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Lecture 3

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David Perley

Lecture 3 – September 26 , 2013 th RLG ** according to tradition Hinduism – beginnings - Different gods focused on in different regions - Everything comes full circle - River Indus - A Hindu was anyone who was not something else - Refers to anything indigenously created or cultivated - Source: colonial missionaries/scholars  A political term) - Sanatana Dharma - General Traits  Extremely diverse (regional and class distinctions)  Sanskrit is essential language of classical Hindu tradition (devangari) (an oral language)  Emphasis on human divine/cosmos relation (different permutations of this) - A tradition that expresses history of accessibility  As traditions develop become more accessible to the people Early stages of Hindu Religion - Harappan Culture  Not a lot of information known about them  Script found but cannot decipher it  Have to infer things from images  Ancient city along Indus river  Some kind of goddess culture  May have been there first - “Proto-Shiva”  God of destruction  Universe created and destroyed by Shiva - Indo-Aryan Culture  Aryan: noble, noble culture  Aryan invasion theory (may have come from central Asia: Iran, Turkey, India, Scandinavia) (arrived after Harappans)  May have or may not have been conflict (Harappan swept away and Aryan came in)  Linguistic differences  Similarities Veda
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