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David Perley

th RLG100 – Lecture 2: September 19 , 2013 Diversity of the ‘object ‘of study - Religion, religions, religious - Spiritual - Idea of spiritual and religious possible to be separate - Mystical - Christianity (a thing – a religion – find diversity within – need a context) - Turn religion into a thing and try looking for it (not a ting to begin with therefore can’t find it when looking for it) - Religion as a verb, something people do - Islam (seen as a whole but diversity within) - Buddhism Diversity in the study of religion - Pick an area of study (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity) - Then pick an angle from which to study (sociology of religion, religion and political science, philosophy) Diversity in the thematic approaches to religion - Culture - Power - Belief - Gender - Ritual - Text Religion: the basics, Malory Nye Waves of religion - Universalism (takes away from the distinctiveness of religion) - Good o Overpowering o Localizes religion o Ebb and flow of traditions o Possibility for disappearance o Intercultural germination (flux) o Change and variety - Bad o Militaristic o Overpower o Are they really so discrete? Waves - 1 : Spirit appeaser, shaman – interface - 2: Cosmos, astrology, prediction, macrocosm (God), microcosm (human world) (religion – the transaction between the 2 worlds (transcendent and immanent) - 3: Centralization (permanent sacred spaces), axis mundi (the poles of the world) (religi
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