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Lecture 7

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Arti Dhand

RLG100 Lecture 7 Wednesday, October 9, 2013 Test: readings=first 4 chapters, all lectures up until today -short answer, identify and explain significance -destruction of 2 temple by Romans, Jews barred from entering city of Judea -only allowed back once a year for period of mourning (pilgrimage at wailing wall, Western Wall) -site of tremendous holiness -bulk of Jewish community has now been exiled from Isreal -some go to Babylon -some go to Europe -this dispersement yields 2 new sects of Judaism -Ashkenazim (speak Yiddish, Jews that head West) -Sephardim (speak Ladino, East) -Aramaic and Greek were major languages spoken at this time by Jews and Christians -first major challenge how to continue with their faith (as was whith the Bab. Captivity) -Essenes lived a very non-violent lifestyle, once Jews exiled from Israel they pretty much disappear nd -Zealots were interested in aggresiive reclaimation of the Jewish land (wiped out during siege of the 2 temple) -Pharisees take up leadership of Jewish faith -Rabbinic faith (faith of teachers, the Pharisees) Rabbininc Judaism: -evolved in exile -characterized by certain features -instead of looking outward now trend towards introspection -another means of reconciliation with God through acts of loving kindness -bring mindfulness of God to every aspect of life -tradition moves into the home, rituals that could be erformed in the home rather than in a temple (observance of the Sabbath, dietary laws etc.) -home life becomes increasingly ritualized -Synagogues develop over time as the centres for communal worship and reflection -study of scripture becomes very important as a means of reflection, also became basis for maintaining faith -questions emerge as to how to maintain certain rituals (like the Sabbath) without having a main centre of worship anymore -attempts to make rituals more ‘mobile’ Midrash Mishn
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