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RLG100 Lecture 26 Wednesday, January 15, 2014 Jainism cont’d: -how the Jain communtoy evolved after the death of Mahavira -split into 2 sects -Digambara -wear no clothing, go nude (sky-clad) -wear the sky -view Mahavira as someone who is very god-like who was never corrupted by different poisons in the world -not really practical for women to throw off their clothes and wander out into the world -women cannot achieve enlightenment while they are in a women’s body -must be reborn in the next life in a man’s body for this -deny that Mahavira ever had the normal kind of familial or social attachments/committments -Svetambara -white-clad, where white robes -view Mahavira as a historical character, not much different from the rest of us -women too can achieve enlightenment in this life -understanding of Mahavira’s life is that he grew up with his family and married and when his parents died he renounced worldly attachments -the more popular sect today -both also differ on scripture -they are monastic communities -within first few hundred years, Jainism became quite popular -gained political patronage -due to this popularity the Jain community was essential in evolving Hinduism, Buddhism -spilt happened due to the different views on clothing -how monks should represent themselves -society constructs our ways of thinking, the values we hold -what the Sramana movement does is try to deconstruct these values and ideals society has given us and approach the world as individual -find answers for ourselves -leave behind habits constructed by society, our gender -the idea here being once we leave behind all these things our clothing still shrouds us -clothing represents our last vestige of our attachment to the world -clothing is a symbol of our attachment to the social system of the material world -this is how the Digambara viewed the idea of clothing -not a new idea, still exists today -the Svetambara view white as a monastic colour this is why the wear white robes rd Right Conduct (3 Jewel of Jainism) -5 basic ethical principles -Ahimsa -non-violent commitment (much more extreme than in other traditions) -highest duty at all times -non-harmfulness, live without causing pain t
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