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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

RLG100 Lecture 28 Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Buddhism -analysis of the world experience first takes into account the fact that they believe the world to be impermanent -Anitya -change inevitably brings distress and suffering (Duhkha) because of the impermanence of the world -third cornerstone of the Buddhist view is Anatman (no-self) -3 things are all the qualities of the conditioned experience -just as everything else in life is impermanent, so are we as human beings -in Jainism we have the Jiva (the eternal soul) -if you take apart the body and the individual there is nothing left at the core that we would call ‘you’ -story of the chariot being taken apart -there is no part of us that is eternal or immune to change -at the heart of everything that changes there is nothing that is permanent -story of Nagasena the Buddhist sage and King Menander (chariot story) -Subtle matter -our thoughts, feelings, entire psyche complex -psychic mental complex -Gross matter -our body -when we die it is our gross body that dies but the subtle body goes on to live in another body and this is how karma comes into play -it affects the subtle body in the next life -there is no part of the subtle body that doesn’t change -nothing is etern
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