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Arti Dhand

RLG100 Monday, February 24, 2014 Hinduism -has no central founder -there is no central institution of authority -no church that sets parameters of values and beliefs -no central text that all Hindus follow across the board -no central creed or point of belief -highly diverse belief system -there are historical and ideological reasons for this -culturally, linguistically and regionally diverse -many Hindus are quite against the idea of themselves being labelled as polytheists -some believe that the idea of God is completely irrelevant to the pursuit of enlightenment -emerges from the Vedic religion -most ancient form of religion that we are aware of in the Indian sub-continent -preserving the harmony of the universe through ritual labour (sacrifice) -sacrifice is an acknowledgment of this circle and is a way to recognize the harmony of the circle as well as to keep it in place -rituals became so advanced the specialists were ‘needed’ to perform them properly -Brahmin class -emerged as the priestly class due to their importance in performing these rituals -visualizes the universe as a circle -everything is connected -everything in the universe is inter-connected -anything that happens anywhere on the circle has an impact and reverberation throughout the entire circle -understood human body to be like a map of the larger universe -map is a representation of the larger world -if you could master yourself and your body then you have a mastery over the cosmic world -the individual and the whole are integrally tied to one another
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