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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

RLG100 Monday, March 3, 2014 -starts out with idea that there are 2 broad orientations of religious people -one is concerned with ultimate or final answers -Nivrtti -concerned with Moksha -smaller group -the other is concerned with finding a better more harmonious way to be in the world -Pravrtti -not all methods will be suitable to all people -what is true for one will not be true for all -3 personality types of people -Jnana Yoga -more concerned with philosophical goals and knowledge -path of knowledge -not about bookish knowledge, but personal experience of the world -not something that someone can communicate to you -what is Real and what is Unreal -concept of Real here means what is ultimately real -something that is immune to change -if things are always changing what is it about the ‘real’ that can be identified as its core being that does not change -knowledge that we are looking for here is what in this world is ultimately identifiable as unchanging and immune to change -the only thing that is immune to change is Atman -is the spirit or the self -when the body dies the spirit does not die, it simply finds a new body to be reborn in -everything we ultimately identify with in life is not real therefore not so important -spirit is genderless and ageless, it is a sentient entity -to know one’s self is to know everything -2 questions follow -what is the relationship between spirits -what is the relationship between
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