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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

World Religions Lecture 3 Monday, September 16, 2013 Study of religion began as an academic discipline in 19 c. th What fueled this invention was centuries of exploration and discoveries Dynamics that produced the discipline and the modes that we study religion began during the Enlightenment DifferentApproaches to Study of Religion Study of religion emerged from a very Christian perspective and ways of thinking Certain central concerns during the Enlightenment: -great concern with concept of reason, wanted to question the basis upon which religion was founded; not to just blindly accept claims of religion as true but to explore this ‘truth’ -to explore whether claims of religion hold up to rationalization and reason -tremendous interest in science and the scientific method of inquiry -use this method of inquiry and apply it to examination of religion -during this time there was great confidence in scholars that they could examine religion from a distance with scientific objectivity th One of the major disciplines that emerged during the 19 c. wasAnthropology -study of humanity and relationships between human -dividing humanity into races Publication of Darwin’s theories on the origin of species th -mid-19 c. -built on various kinds of research and put forward idea of evolution -understanding before this as taken at the word of religious text on origins of the earth -humanity is the apex of God’s achievement; this had been the a
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