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Andre Maintenay

RLG The gospels Meaning: good news (evangelion in Greek), the news of redemption that the Hebrew prophets had promised. Contents: the gospels are the accounts of Jesus life attributed to his disciples Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. By the year 100, there were many literatures written about Jesus life and nd death. Finally in the 2 century, the four gospels were chosen to be the canon. These four gospels contain elements which capture the crucial and basic believes and have a decent account of Jesus ministry, his suffering, his death, his resurrection. Sources: None of the gospel writers were in Jesus inner circle. They relied on oral tradition generated by witnesses, common sources, whereas Jesus and his companions spoke Aramaic, all of the gospels were written in Greek. Marks gospel is the oldest, simplest among the four gospels. It composed thirty years after Jesus died, possibly in Rome. It began with the baptism of Jesus and shows the mature of Jesus ministry. Lukes gospel recounted the life of Jesus before baptism and portents anticipating the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus. Also provided more trials and crucifixion of Jesus. Matthews gospel was similar to Lukes but he focused on the truth that Jesus is the coming messiah using narratives and claiming that Jesus is the descendent of King David. Similarity of the three gospels: 1.Mary was a virgin; 2.supernatural occurrences showing the divine aspect of Jesus; 3.all called synoptic gospels. 4. Mark and Matthew have 661 verses in co
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