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Andre Maintenay

OCT27 The breaking off from Judaism Similarities: theological contents and ethics are almost the same. Jesus teaching is much Jewish. (eg. The idea of Holy Spirit.) Differences: 1) Primary differences: emphasis is different. They differ on the degree to which Jewish laws should be applied and given priority. Christianity thinks that religious observances could be a barrier for human relationship. 2) Major differences: the role of leader in the community. In Jewish community, the expectation of leadership is both spiritual and political. On the contrary, Jesus only claimed himself to be a spiritual leader. Conversion of Paul Background: He was born as Saul, a Pharisee. He was a cosmopolitan person with the privileged status of a roman citizenship. Persecutor: Before his conversion, he was a devoted Jew much concerning about purity of Judaism. To protect the Jewish community from splitting into different groups, he thought Christianity as a threat to the unity of Judaism. So he was a stern Christian persecutor. Conversion: (spiritual rebirth, accompanied by certainty of divine forgiveness and acceptance) on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians, he experienced a personal encounter with post-resurrection Jesus. This conversion reoriented his life and he became a Christian. Conflicts: After the death of Jesus, th
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